You Can’t Unring A Bell Idiom

You can’t unring a bell
What does You can’t unring a bell mean?
This means that once something has been done, you have to live with the consequences as it can’t be undone.

Some Random Idioms
disorderly conduct
What does “disorderly conduct” mean?
disturbing the peaceThe football fans were charged with disorderly conduct after the fight during the game.
just off the boat
What does “just off the boat” mean?
newly arrived (usually from another country)
in a pickle
What does “in a pickle” mean?
in trouble, in a messThe boy was in a pickle when he lost the keys to the school cupboard.
What does “snog” mean?
kiss.I just snogged the girl of my dreams.
Freud squad
What does “Freud squad” mean?
first hand
What does “first hand” mean?
to see/experience/learn about something by direct personal experienceWe learned about the car accident first hand when we were driving down the highway.
figure out (someone or something)
What does “figure out (someone or something)” mean?
to try to understand someone or something, to solve somethingI finally figured out how to use the new DVD recorder.
give notice
What does “give notice” mean?
inform an employer, employee, landlord or tenant that a contractual agreement will endThe woman gave notice that she will leave her job next month.

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