What Pet to Buy in 2021 Depending on Your Zodiac Sign

You love animals a lot and you decided to grow your family, but you don’t know which would be more appropriate and what criteria to take into account when choosing it. The parents want a cat, the older brother wants a dog, and you oscillate between an impressive aquarium and a cute hamster.

Decisions, decisions … We make your task easier and we come up with a solution. Have you ever thought about which pet suits you according to your zodiac sign? It seems that the stars have a special influence even in this field. Get inspired or amused by the predictions of the zodiac signs!

The pet according to the natives of Aries

Aries is full of energy and loves adventures, so for you the best non-speaking friend will be a lively, playful and cute dog. An animal full of energy, which is in tune with your zest for life is perfect for you, if you are born in the sign of Aries.

The ideal pet for the Taurus sign

What pet resonates best with your caresses in the morning, after a good night’s sleep? A kitten that spins and seeks your caress will beautify your days. You need a pet that is always with you, not a distant and cold one. So, if you love cats, do not hesitate to buy or adopt one. It is preferable to have a chicken, to learn the rules of the house from an early age. Border Collie mugs also suit you, because they are intelligent and loyal, qualities that you admire a lot.

Gemini and the perfect pet

Are you interested in which pet suits you according to your zodiac sign? The stars recommend more, depending on your complex personality. Given your attraction to communication, it seems that the perfect pet is one … talkative. A cute parrot will fill your life with joy and you will have great fun with it.

Cancer and special contact with pets

You like to know your family is safe, so a devoted and friendly pet suits you, which also provides security for the house. A Golden Retriever or Labrador dog will be the perfect choice.

If you are an eccentric, you will also like the following idea: a small crab, kept in an aquarium.

The pet according to the natives of Leo

Specialists in the field consider that the right pet for those born in the sign of Leo is a simandico cat, a purebred dog (Golden Retriever or Cocker) or a bird with magnificent plumage. You are attracted to purebred animals, which you can be proud of.

Virgo and the right pet

You are a kind person, who wants to help those around you, so the idea of ​​adopting a street animal makes you smile. But if you want a purebred one, avoid Chihuahua and Pomeranian dogs, because they are temperamental and can send you a certain state of anxiety.

The ideal pet for Libra

Libra women feel the need for peace and harmony in the house, so a temperamental cat or an aggressive dog will cause them stress. You don’t need a pet to discipline you and give you headaches for every madness it does. Given your attraction to beauty and balance, a gentle pet with special features, such as a cat, a small dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) or a beautifully colored bird, suits you.

The right pet for Scorpio

If we were to describe Scorpio in a few words, the most appropriate would be these: secretive, passionate, complex, sensitive. So must the personality of the right pet depending on your zodiac sign. Although you also like dogs, you are more attracted to cats, because they fold better with your way of being. You can also be attracted to snakes, a tarantula or even a scorpion. Others may scare you, but they will fascinate you.

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