To Be Onto (someone Or Something) Idiom

to be onto (someone or something)
What does to be onto (someone or something) mean?
to have discovered the truth about someone or somethingMy supervisor in onto the new saleswoman who is taking money from her sales register.

Some Random Idioms
bargain on (something)
What does “bargain on (something)” mean?
to plan or expect somethingWe did not bargain on having heavy rain during our summer birthday party.
bound for somewhere
What does “bound for somewhere” mean?
to be on the way or planning to go somewhereMy friend was bound for college when I last met him.
free and clear
What does “free and clear” mean?
own something fully with no money owed or other restrictions on the item or propertyMy parents own their home free and clear.
in step with (someone or something)
What does “in step with (someone or something)” mean?
marching with the same rhythm as someone else, in agreement with the others in a groupAll of the members of our group were in step with each other regarding the New Year’s party.
What does “bud” mean?
beer;, esp. Budweiser beer
down and out
What does “down and out” mean?
to have no moneyMy friend has been down and out before but usually he can find a job.
give (someone) a black eye
What does “give (someone) a black eye” mean?
to hit someone near his or her eye so that it becomes dark, to hurt someone’s reputationThe boy gave his friend a black eye.
The scandal gave the company a black eye.

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