The most unlucky signs in 2021

The universe is in constant motion, and the planets and billions of stars emanate energy even now as you read this article. While some zodiac signs receive abundance, luck, well-being and love, others are downright unlucky, no matter what they do. See if you are in the top 3 and find out what you have to do to make your life easier!

It is said that “you make your luck with your hand”. In many cases, the word that springs from human wisdom cannot be more true. Working people are more likely to succeed in life. When we talk about zodiac signs, it better fits the saying that you can be the best, in vain if you do not have a touch of luck. In this situation are the following three signs, with which luck plays hide-and-seek until the end of the year.


It would be good to be prepared for what awaits you in the second half of 2021! Jupiter’s opposition to Saturn makes things really difficult for you, especially when it comes to projects. You will see that people you did not expect have reactions meant to bring you down. As you may have noticed, intuition helps you a lot. Try to focus more often, to stay in the present for as long as possible this year.

The chimeras of the past and the future do you no good. You have more confidence in your inner strength. It does not make risky financial investments, but borrows one of the main characteristics of Scorpio: distrust. Don’t trust anyone until they prove to you that they are not going to hurt you and cancel your plans for the future.


Things are also complicated in terms of people you trust for you, Libra. Jupiter and Saturn will form a rough appearance in Aries, a quadrature, and this aspect usually brings bad luck. It is advisable to avoid everything related to luck in order to be fulfilled. The success of financial investments and career reorientation, for example, are also about luck.

The demotion of Venus in Libra and Scorpio makes it difficult for you, this year, to function well in terms of love. Love will be “bitter”, especially in the second half of the year, so pay close attention to the people who come into your life and can cause you trouble. If you are in a relationship at the beginning of the road, try not to blindly believe vows about love.

When Jupiter is in Capricorn, the planet forms a quadrature in Aries – this being one of the worst aspects when it comes to luck. By the end of the year, you will feel that all your projects have blockages and it is difficult for you to find ways out. As if this is not enough, every little step you try to take, regardless of the field, will generate instability. The astrologer’s advice is to put life on hold all year long and be careful. You are at risk of being the victim of scams and financial investments and it is better to avoid doing business. You will also need to think twice before taking a trip. If possible, postpone long journeys away from home, because there is a risk of important events related to illness, accidents.

The most unlucky sign – Cancer

You feel unlucky, but you have all the reasons in the world. You’re the kind who breaks his socks before an important date or is always caught in the rain when he forgets his umbrella at home. You are prone to all sorts of embarrassing incidents that you can’t really prevent, so you should learn to have fun with them. And at some point, any self-respecting Cancer knows how to make fun of trouble and get over bad luck. It’s harder for those around you who take part in your bad luck or are affected by it.


You are lucky personally. You will have a beautiful family and true friends, but in your career, you will run into bad luck. It’s not that you will lose a job, just because the stars want it, but you will have to work hard to evolve, because you have no luck in this field.


You are not necessarily unlucky, but rather naive. You have a lot of trust in people and you help everyone with money, but you don’t see them back. These situations will fill you with frustration and make you stand in your way. Gemini You are the kind of person who takes three steps back whenever he sees a black cat and blames any failure. Let’s say you are not the luckiest person in the world, but you also need your help to succeed in a situation.

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