Sleep On It Idiom

sleep on it
What does sleep on it mean?
take at least a day to think about something before making a decision.“The job that you’re offering me sounds really good,but I’d like to sleep on it before giving you my final decision.”

Some Random Idioms
settle (something) out of court
What does “settle (something) out of court” mean?
reach an agreement without having to go through a court of lawIt was very difficult but we were finally able to settle the dispute out of court.
Mind your own beeswax
What does “Mind your own beeswax” mean?
This idiom means that people should mind their own business and not interfere in other people’s affairs.
for dear life
What does “for dear life” mean?
as though afraid of losing one`s lifeThe mountain climber held on to the rock for dear life as he waited for someone to rescue him.
a match for (someone)
What does “a match for (someone)” mean?
equal to someone in a contestThe German soccer team was a match for the Brazilian team.
make oneself conspicuous
What does “make oneself conspicuous” mean?
attract attention to oneselfThe man made himself conspicuous by wearing the pastel-colored sports jacket.
shoot the breeze
What does “shoot the breeze” mean?
make relaxed, casual conversation.“No, we weren’t talking about anything important.We were just shooting the breeze.”
carry coals to Newcastle
What does “carry coals to Newcastle” mean?
to bring something of which you have much of somewhere, to duplicate something (Newcastle is a town in England where there is much coal)Bringing extra food to the farmer`s picnic was like bringing coals to Newcastle.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it
What does “Put that in your pipe and smoke it” mean?
This is used as an unsympathetic way of telling someone to accept what you have just said.
cut no ice with (someone)
What does “cut no ice with (someone)” mean?
to have no influence on someoneThe girl’s excuses cut no ice with her teacher or the principal.
to die for
What does “to die for” mean?
excellent; outstanding.This cake is to die for.

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