New Moon in Leo 2021

In February 2021, the New Moon phenomenon is formed in the sign of Leo, a remarkable moment that comes with new beginnings and chances of affirmation for all natives.

The New Moon represents the moment when the Sun and the Moon unite their energies, therefore the impact is a beneficial and major one for all the zodiac signs.

This union takes place in the sign of Leo, which means, in general, new beginnings in love, new love stories, the courage to express our feelings, creativity, great desire to assert ourselves, the opportunity to stand out and make us stand out. , especially through personal talents.

The New Moon in the sign of Leo will have strong effects in the next two weeks, but will be felt about a month from now on. The most impacted by this moon will be Taurus, Lions, Scorpios and Aquarius, but also those who are born in the first days of the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The New Moon in the sign of Leo – great chances of affirmation The New Moon in the sign of Leo takes place exactly on the ascending Leo, and this aspect translates an impressive astrological support for those who want to assert themselves now, personally or professionally, for those who put in highlights a talent.

We have the courage to stand out, to put our fears and fears aside and to make ourselves known. At the same time, this moon speaks about the need to be appreciated, to have our merits recognized, to be validated, and the risk that exists during this period is to exaggerate with pride and pride, to exaggerate with the imposition of authority, with the need to hold control and power.

The New Moon in the sign of Leo is in conjunction with Mercury, the planet of communication and reason, therefore we will be vocal, we will excel in dialogue and we will be able to stand out through oratorical qualities. The need for socialization will be great and so we can meet new people and make new relationships, especially romantic relationships.

The New Moon in the sign of Leo is supported by a remarkable trine with Mars, the planet of action, in conjunction with the Black Moon, karma, the hidden, obscure part of us. Well, from here emerges the energy, determination and fearlessness with which we will act to achieve our ideals in love, to assert our talents, but also the warning not to exaggerate, not to pretend that everything happens now and here that this is what we want, especially since it is defined on the astrogram of the moment and a tense aspect with retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, a symbol of patience and wisdom, of maturity and responsibility. So our actions supported by this moon must have a real, concrete, moral basis and not be imagined.

Leo’s New Moon – karmic affinities Leo’s New Moon takes place in beneficial aspects with the Moon Nodes Axis that recently moved to Gemini – Sagittarius, and this context speaks volumes about the help of destiny in the new beginnings brought by the moon.

Basically, even if we stand still, someone will come, a person or an event, which will determine us to move, to act, to assert ourselves or to fall in love and start new relationships.

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