Kiss (something) Good Bye Idiom

kiss (something) good-bye
What does kiss (something) good-bye mean?
lose something“You can kiss your computer good-bye. It is totally destroyed.”

Some Random Idioms
What does “chem” mean?
chemistry (class or subject in school).Chem was my worst science in high school.
Mind the gap
What does “Mind the gap” mean?
Mind the gap is an instruction used on the Underground in the UK to warn passengers to be careful when leaving the tube or train as there is quite a distance between the train and the platform.
What does “stash” mean?
hidden supply of drugs or drug-related items
Tired and emotional
What does “Tired and emotional” mean?
(UK) This idiom is a euphemism used to mean ‘drunk’, especially when talking about politicians.
fuck about
What does “fuck about” mean?
spend time doing minor, irrelevant things.Stop fucking about, you’ve got work to do.
flesh (something) out or flesh out (something)
What does “flesh (something) out or flesh out (something)” mean?
to make something more detailed or biggerWe worked hard during the weekend to flesh out our agreement.
the real thing
What does “the real thing” mean?
something that is genuine and not an imitationThe small vase is the real thing and is very valuable.
have on (something)
What does “have on (something)” mean?
be wearing something“What did she have on when you last saw her?”
stamp out (something)
What does “stamp out (something)” mean?
to destroy something completely, to make something disappearThe government is making a great effort to stamp out smoking among teenagers.
all sweetness and light
What does “all sweetness and light” mean?
to be very sweet, to be innocent and helpfulThe girl is all sweetness and light after she does something bad.

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