Is the Year of the Metal Ox 2021 a Lucky Year?

Unfortunately, Chinese Year Of the Ox 2021 will not be a very good year for you, the natives of this sign. A year without too much progress, without clearly set targets and with a lot of waste of energy and resources, which can be left with many frustrations and a dark mental state, which will only have the gift of driving people around you who will not agrees to charge negatively.

You will spend a lot of time at work, you will be more concerned about your career, which can put a lot of pressure on you. It is important to correctly identify those who are your friends and those who are your enemies. You do not have to expect anything extraordinary this year, but you will have to make the necessary efforts because at least what you have to do to do well.


It is not a very good stage in your love life. There will be opportunities to meet potential partners, you will have the opportunity to form relationships, but either you will not be on stage, or the connection will not be lasting. Do not let yourself be coordinated by friends, manipulated, in the worst case.

Some, even if they are well-intentioned, may not know you well enough to get involved in this aspect of your life and will do more harm than good. Those who are already involved in a relationship or those who are married will have to make a little more effort to maintain its normal course.


You will not receive any special earnings. You will work hard, but the monetary reward will be long overdue. Any opportunity must be used with a lot of thought and wisdom, and the money, very well dramatized. In terms of career, you will consume a lot of energy to keep it or to advance.

There will be opportunities, but also a lot of pressure. You must try not to get hurt with any of your collaborators or superiors, so as not to have problems at work. Setting clear career goals can help you a lot.


You will be very caught up in activities related to your own careers this year, you will be frustrated by the relatively low earnings, so you will not be in a very pleasant position. The lonely may not have time to make a relationship, those with family may have too little time to spend with its members.

Hence the tension and stress, all with a negative impact on health. You have to pay attention, this year, to the health of the kidneys and bladder, but also of the stomach and intestines.

In terms of energy level, things are complicated. You will have periods in which you will feel very energetic, ready for anything, but also moments of fall, in which you will only want to be left alone. It is good not to indulge too much in such situations, which could prove very harmful to your mental state.

Pay attention to what you tell your colleagues, to their attitude and to the way they express themselves; they are much less likely to tolerate inappropriate exits, compared to your loved ones, who may also accept some such exits, but only up to a point. Nor can their understanding be tested, to infinity. Stubbornness in certain directions can be harmful; you need to be aware that you too can make mistakes, especially if you make hasty decisions in areas you do not know well enough.

Professionally, as usual, you will take things very seriously, but sometimes you have to be a little more flexible and understand the possibilities available to those around you; if you set high expectations, you may be disappointed at some point.

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