(I/you/he) For One Idiom

(I/you/he) for one
What does (I/you/he) for one mean?
as one example, even if the only oneI for one do not believe that our boss will change the company policy related to new staff.

Some Random Idioms
a knockout
What does “a knockout” mean?
a very beautiful womanThe man said that the woman he saw at the bus stop was a knockout.
in a jiffy
What does “in a jiffy” mean?
very fast, very soonI promised that I would be finished with the phone in a jiffy.
have two strikes against one
What does “have two strikes against one” mean?
have things working against one, be in a difficult situationHe already has two strikes against him and it will be very difficult for him to get the job.
turn (something) to good account
What does “turn (something) to good account” mean?
to make good use of a situation/experienceWe were able to turn our experience with the income tax office to good account when we began to look at our business practices.
in charge of (someone or something)
What does “in charge of (someone or something)” mean?
to be in control of someone or something, to be responsible for someone or somethingMy sister has been in charge of buying supplies at her company for many years.
Chew the cud
What does “Chew the cud” mean?
If you chew the cud, you think carefully about something.
calm down
What does “calm down” mean?
to relaxThe woman calmed down after the accident.
go public
What does “go public” mean?
to become a public company and to sell the company stock to the publicThe stock of the Internet company rose very quickly after the company went public.
at each other’s throats
What does “at each other’s throats” mean?
fighting or arguing all the timeThe two boys were at each other’s throats when they entered the room.

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