Famous Love Quotes and Idioms for 2021

Falling in love, love and affection have been recurring topics of great famous phrases.

Love has inspired thousands of novels, movies, poetry and songs, because it is a feeling that is capable of moving the world. But not only have poets or writers paid attention to this phenomenon, but both psychologists and sociologists have tried to understand it.

Love awakens the most intense emotions and the passion of falling in love affects the minds and bodies of those in love. In fact, there have been many studies to find out more about it, some really surprising.

But despite these investigations, the phenomenon is so complex that there has not always been a consensus on the discoveries, even so, interesting data have been provided, for example, about the chemistry of love, its curious side effects and what happens with it. heartbreak and lovesickness

The best love quotes for 2021

Over the years, different characters have made reference to love and falling in love in their works, and although it is sometimes difficult to express this feeling in words, in today’s article we have compiled 100 of the best phrases on this topic. I hope you enjoy them! Also please don’t lose the opportunity to find your astrology love predictions for 2021 made by astrologers from the famous website LoveHoroscope.Guru.

I disappeared from your life not by chance or by chance, just to see if you miss me and look for me when you do (RousTalent)

When couple relationships are going through a bump, it is possible that one of the members, feeling hurt, wants to distance themselves to know if the other is as in love as he is and looks for him. This is not always a good option, as it is better to use dialogue and negotiation.

Come to sleep with me: we will not make love, he will make it to us (Julio Cortázar)

When you are so in love with the other person, just being by their side is already like being in heaven. Love encompasses everything that the two of them do.

In a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept silent (Pablo Neruda)

A kiss is worth a thousand words when there is love. Surely the vast majority of readers have had the pleasure of feeling those passionate kisses that paralyze the world.

Love has no cure, but it is the only cure for all ills (Leonard Cohen)

Love, on many occasions, can become painful, especially when it comes to an end. Even so, there is no feeling comparable to that of being in love with someone and being reciprocated.

Love four letters that mark your destiny. Four letters that invite you to dream. Four letters that tell you that you are alive, although for many you are dead … (Unknown)

Love is four letters that tell us a lot. They tell us that life can be wonderful if we complete the sentence with the person we love.

  1. If when I love I am happy, then you are my happiness (Unknown)

Love and happiness go hand in hand. In fact, there is no greater happiness than spending those incredible moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. Love me without questions, that I will love you without answers (Unknown)

Real love is felt and lived from the first to the last moment. It is a great adventure that must be felt from the heart.

  1. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting next to them and know that you can never have them (Gabriel García Márquez)

There is no worse feeling than wanting someone with all your might and not being reciprocated. Sometimes this feeling is inevitable.

  1. In love, there is always something of madness, but there is also always something of reason in madness (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Great loves lead us to do great crazy things, because falling in love affects our brain just as drugs do.

  1. The women who are worth the most are suffering for an idiot, the men who are worthwhile are crying like idiots (Jesús Alberto Martínez Jiménez)

Sometimes it is not possible to decide who you fall in love with or feel attracted to. So, as much as you don’t like it, when there is, there is; and when not, no.

  1. When you fall in love, you are not the same person you were before, because it is at that moment that you begin to truly live life (Luis Miguel Alvarado)

There are few experiences that impact you and change your life like when you first fell in love. If your heart is broken, you go through an existential crisis that makes you rethink your deepest values.

  1. Thinking of my happiness, I remembered you (Anonymous)

Happiness and love are the same. Too bad that sometimes the love you feel for a person breaks down and you have to experience the deepest sadness.

  1. A kiss? An enchanted trick to stop talking when words become superfluous (Ingrid Bergman)

A kiss is definitely a sign of love. It is a way of expressing what you feel without having to say anything.

  1. We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we come to see an imperfect person in a perfect way (Sam Keen)

Love and falling in love change the perception of things since our brain is affected by chemical changes.

  1. What a shame to know that there are people with strengths that make them weak and that do not reflect in the facts what comes out of their mouth (Leonardo Núñez Valle)

The greatest weakness of a person in love is being proud. It can spoil that great love story that you are living. Although some think they are strong for being like this, their intolerance and intransigence can make them weak.

  1. The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with its eyes (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)

When two people love each other, through their gaze they are able to connect even in the deepest part.

  1. Stay without thinking about it with that person who dies if he does not have you, than with that person who presumes because he knows he has you (Rocío Guerra)

It may happen that you do not really value someone who really loves you, who does not know how to live without you and who wants to spend the rest of their life with you.

  1. The person who deserves you is the one who, having the freedom to do what he wants, chooses you at all times (Daireth Winehouse)

And of course, even if we don’t realize that that person lives thinking of us. It would be nice if it were a reciprocated love.

  1. Some people love power and others have the power to love (Bob Marley)

The famous musician, Bob Marley, reminds us that powerful people are those who are capable of love.

  1. If you are in love with two women at the same time, choose the second, because if you loved the first, you would not have fallen in love with the second (Johnny Depp)

This phrase states that when you truly love someone, you don’t think about wanting to be with someone else.

  1. Remembering is easy for those who have memory. Forgetting is difficult for those who have a heart (Gabriel García Márquez)

When you love someone with all your might, forgetting is complicated. There are many memories that are still alive.

  1. The love of young people is not really in their heart, but rather in their eyes (William Shakespeare)

What Shakespeare is trying to tell us with this phrase is that young people pay attention to the physical. When you get older, the physique loses ground and you value other qualities of the person.

  1. I shoot myself because I love you, but if I loved myself, I would shoot you (Marilyn Manson)

When we love someone we become vulnerable and, at times, we are at the mercy of the other person. Willingly or unwillingly, he manipulates us.

  1. What is done for love is beyond good and evil (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Love is inexplicable on many occasions. And it can’t lead us to do crazy things. When we fall in love, our behavior changes.

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