Butter Wouldn’t Melt In Their Mouth Idiom

Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth
What does Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth mean?
If someone looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth, they look very innocent.

Some Random Idioms
in reality
What does “in reality” mean?
reallyThe woman said that she wants a job but in reality I don’t think that she really wants to work.
fall ill
What does “fall ill” mean?
to become sick or illThe man fell ill last winter and has not recovered yet.
hinge on (something)
What does “hinge on (something)” mean?
depend on somethingWhether or not I can enter the university hinges on my final exam score.
What does “Rough-hewn” mean?
If something, especially something made from wood or stone, is rough-hewn, it is unfinished or unpolished.
easy money
What does “easy money” mean?
money that you do not need to work hard to getI was able to make some easy money from my job during the summer.
twiddle one`s thumbs
What does “twiddle one`s thumbs” mean?
to do nothing, to be idleThe girl twiddled her thumbs all week and is now unable to pass her exam.
knocked up
What does “knocked up” mean?
show (someone) the door
What does “show (someone) the door” mean?
to ask someone to go awayWhen the man started yelling in the restaurant the manager quickly showed him the door.
crack down on (someone or something)
What does “crack down on (someone or something)” mean?
to enforce laws or rules strictlyThe school principal decided to crack down on people running in the halls.
pick (something) over
What does “pick (something) over” mean?
to sort through somethingThe customers picked the best clothes over at the department store sale.
get the third degree
What does “get the third degree” mean?
to be questioned in great detail and for a long period of timeThe boy got the third degree when he came home late for dinner.

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