Best Love Quotes and Idioms for 2021

The most beautiful messages of love are the ones we compose from the bottom of our hearts. There are, however, times when we simply lack inspiration. So, if you want to be inspired by the most emotional messages of love, here is a selection and if you to read the love horoscope 2021 for every zodiac signs , go to

The loved one will always enjoy receiving messages of love. These are a sign that we are thinking about her, especially when she is not with us.

However, we can also send love messages when we are close to each other, just to express our feelings.

Love messages for her

Everything that is beautiful is loved, everything that is loved is beautiful. You are so beautiful because you are so loved and I promise you that you will always be that way. Your eyes are made to conquer, your body is made to arouse desires.

Your whole being is lovely and I am the luckiest man, for I am loved by you. I wait for a ray to penetrate my soul, to enlighten me and to say “I love you!”

And let that ray be your voice that wakes me up in the morning! I have not been able to write you even a love poem, but that does not mean that there is not enough love in my heart to inspire all the poets in a book.

Some know how to write beautifully, some know how to sing beautifully, some are simply beautiful, I’m just a desperate lover of you.

The richest man would cover you with presents, the most handsome man would carry you among the stars, the smartest man… I can’t even figure out what such a man would do for you, and I, I am just the most in love with men and this is my gift.

If I were on ice you would see with your own eyes how I melt when you smile at me, but it’s good that I’m not because otherwise I would have already melted! I wait for a ray to penetrate my soul, to enlighten me and to say “I love you!” And let that ray be your voice that wakes me up in the morning!

I love you as on the first day, when golden rays of the sun fell lightly on the Earth, carried by the wind. I love you, I will love you and even if fate separates us, our love will be up there written in a star!

I have two eyes that want to see you, I have two hands that want to hug you, I have two lips that want to kiss you and one heart that beats only for you! My dear, you are my sun every morning.
I love to see you when you smile, I love to see you laugh, I love to see you happy with me. I love you!

Love messages for him

You are the dearest and most loved man in the world. When you are gone for a long time, the world becomes uninteresting, and when you are with me, there is no happier person in this world.

You are the air I breathe and without which I cannot live for a second. I love you more and more! With each passing second, I love you more. With each passing day, I wish you more. With each passing week, I adore you more. With each passing month, I simply worship you!

Love – All my life I heard about her, I read about her, I dreamed of her, I cried for her. Now, next to you, I found her! Love Messages Love Messages There are 4 steps to happiness: 3. our hearts 4.the two of us together. I love you!

You are the treasure of my life, you are the miracle that I met by chance and that made me happy. I love you so much! A day can begin without a message of love from me to you, but it cannot begin without me thinking of you.

See? I just thought. Can you say ‘I love you’ in a second? If so, give me a second of your life, I’ll steal a minute, kiss you for an hour, and love you for a lifetime. One day you will ask me what is most important to me: you or life?

I will say that life, and you will be upset, but without realizing that for me you are life. I love your big palms, I love your strong arms, I love your big eyes, I love your beautiful lips, I love your unique smile, in fact… I love your whole being. Beloved, I love you above from above and far from far, I love you in all possible forms, in all senses and under all the stars of the universe.

I never imagined that a man could be so in love and so charming. You are wonderful and I love you more than you can imagine.

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