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What does zilch mean?
: nothing.A: "How much money do you have?"B: "Zilch. I'm broke until payday."

Some Random Idioms
a grain of truth
What does "a grain of truth" mean?
the smallest amount of truthThere was only a grain of truth in what the witness said during the trial.
wise up to
What does "wise up to" mean?
begin to understand the truth about someone or somethingHe finally wised up to the fact that he was never going to get a promotion in his company.
top (something) off with (something)
What does "top (something) off with (something)" mean?
to end or terminate something with something elseThe conference was topped off by a large dinner on the last day.
flea market
What does "flea market" mean?
a place where antiques or secondhand goods are sold We went to a flea market last Saturday to try and buy some dishes.

chips are down
What does "chips are down" mean?
the time when one faces the greatest obstaclesWhen the chips are down the boy goes to his father for advice and encouragement.
blessing in disguise
What does "blessing in disguise" mean?
something that turns out to be good but which seemed to be bad at first The elderly woman was in very much pain and it was a blessing in disguise when she quietly passed away.

fall through
What does "fall through" mean?
to fail, to not happen My plan to go abroad fell through when my father refused to lend me some money.

from the heart
What does "from the heart" mean?
sincerely, honestlyThe speech by the politician was right from the heart.
augur well for (someone or something)
What does "augur well for (someone or something)" mean?
to predict good things for someone or something The poor business conditions do not augur well for the workers.

head spoon
What does "head spoon" mean?
mess sergeant
the long haul
What does "the long haul" mean?
a long period of time during which work continues or something is doneHe has decided to stay here for the long haul and will not return to his home.
under age
What does "under age" mean?
below the legal age to do somethingThe boy was under age and was not able to buy any cigarettes.
sweat blood
What does "sweat blood" mean?
feel very tense or anxious


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