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Yoke Around Someones Neck Idiom

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yoke around someone's neck
What does yoke around someone's neck mean?
a burden for someone The complaints from the apartment manager were a yoke around our neck.

Some Random Idioms
the tail wagging the dog
What does "the tail wagging the dog" mean?
a situation where a small part controls the whole thingWhen the small group of managers began to run the large company, it was like the tail wagging the dog.
duck soup
What does "duck soup" mean?
a task that does not require much effort "It was like duck soup. I easily finished my school project last night."

have/get butterflies in one`s stomach
What does "have/get butterflies in one`s stomach" mean?
have/get a feeling of fear or anxiety in one's stomachThe little boy had butterflies in his stomach when he had to give the speech in front of the class.
What does "beans" mean?
nonsense. Oh, beans.
blow a deal
What does "blow a deal" mean?
to ruin a business deal with someone We are working hard so that we do not blow the deal with our new customer.

tell on (someone)
What does "tell on (someone)" mean?
to reveal the activities or wrongdoings of someone by telling othersThe girl told on her brother for eating the cake.
Sleep like a baby
What does "Sleep like a baby" mean?
If you sleep very well, you sleep like a baby.
What does "trip" mean?
weird, annoying person or experience
hear a peep out of (someone)
What does "hear a peep out of (someone)" mean?
hear the smallest word from someoneWe did not hear a peep out of the children who were playing in the bedroom.
take a nap
What does "take a nap" mean?
to have a brief period of sleepI stopped to take a nap before I continued driving to see my parents.
do a land-office business
What does "do a land-office business" mean?
to do much business in a short timeThe children are doing a land-office business by selling the cold drinks next to the stadium.
neither hide nor hair (of someone or something)
What does "neither hide nor hair (of someone or something)" mean?
no sign or indication of someone or somethingI have seen neither hide nor hair of the girl in my geography class.
truth will out
What does "truth will out" mean?
you cannot hide the truth about somethingThe politicians discovered that "the truth will out" applied to them more than to others when the media tried to learn the facts behind the scandal.


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