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Year In And Year Out Idiom

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year in and year out
What does year in and year out mean?
every year Year in and year out the city had to spend money to fix the old stadium.

Some Random Idioms
toing and froing (on something)
What does "toing and froing (on something)" mean?
to be moving back and forth on an issue, to be changing one's mind about somethingMy father and mother have been toing and froing for several weeks about whether or not I can go to Japan to study.
on bended knee
What does "on bended knee" mean?
with great humilityI went to my neighbor on bended knee to ask him if I could borrow some tools.
far and wide
What does "far and wide" mean?
everywhere, in all directions We looked far and wide for the book but we could not find it.

come to light
What does "come to light" mean?
to be discovered, to become known It has come to light that the company recently lost millions of dollars.

Hold the torch
What does "Hold the torch" mean?
If you hold the torch for someone, you have an unrequited or unspoken love.
pour one's heart out (to someone)
What does "pour one's heart out (to someone)" mean?
to tell all of one's hopes/fears/feelings to someoneMy friend poured her heart out to me when we went to the coffee shop last evening.
What does "whiz" mean?
lose out on (something)
What does "lose out on (something)" mean?
fail to get or take part in somethingHe lost out on a chance to go to Mexico City because he was too busy with other things.
have a big mouth
What does "have a big mouth" mean?
be a person who gossips or tells secretsMy friend has a big mouth so I don't like to tell him any secrets.
What does "gofer" mean?
somebody whose job is to fetch or bring trivial items to more important people
What does "kegger" mean?
party or event at which beer is served from a keg (barrel-sized container of beer)
put one's mind to (something)
What does "put one's mind to (something)" mean?
to give one's complete attention to somethingThe boy can do anything if he puts his mind to it.


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