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Up To It/the Job Idiom

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up to it/the job
What does up to it/the job mean?
capable or fit for somethingIf he is up to it we can let him drive the truck to the new office.

Some Random Idioms
fix (someone) up with (someone)
What does "fix (someone) up with (someone)" mean?
to help someone get a date by arranging a meeting between the two peopleI am trying to fix my sister up with my best friend.
fit to be tied
What does "fit to be tied" mean?
to be very angry or upsetMy boss was fit to be tied when he heard that I was going to take a month off from work this summer.
speak off the cuff
What does "speak off the cuff" mean?
to speak in public without preparation My father plans to speak off the cuff at his retirement party tonight.

make a meal of (something)
What does "make a meal of (something)" mean?
to eat something, to eat one main dish or food as an entire meal We made a meal of the fish that we caught in the lake.

get one`s feet wet
What does "get one`s feet wet" mean?
to begin something, to do something for the first time The writer got his feet wet in the publishing business and he is now ready to start his own business.

Great white hope
What does "Great white hope" mean?
Someone who is expected to be a great success is a great white hope.
rub (something) off
What does "rub (something) off" mean?
to remove or to be removed by rubbing, to erase somethingThe teacher rubbed off the writing on the whiteboard.
bail out (someone)or bail (someone) out
What does "bail out (someone)or bail (someone) out" mean?
to pay a sum of money that allows someone to leave jail while waiting for a trial The singer had to pay much money to bail himself out of prison.

open with (something)
What does "open with (something)" mean?
to start out with somethingThe convention opened with a speech from the president of our company.
knit one's brow
What does "knit one's brow" mean?
wrinkle one's brow by frowningThe teacher knit his brow and looked sternly at the child.
toss off (something)
What does "toss off (something)" mean?
to drink something rapidlyWe tossed off a couple of drinks before we went home for the evening.
go broke
What does "go broke" mean?
to lose all one`s money, to become bankruptMy uncle started a company last year but it quickly went broke.


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