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Two Time Idiom

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What does two-time mean?
cheat on a spouse or lover

Some Random Idioms
What does "ESL" mean?
English as a Second Language English as a Second LanguageThe ESL classes at the college have been held for almost ten years now.
Count your blessings
What does "Count your blessings" mean?
When people count their blessings, they concentrate on all the good things in their lives instead of the negative ones.
What does "netizen" mean?
person on the Internet or Web
pumped up
What does "pumped up" mean?
thrilled; excited; stimulated; eager
look the picture of health
What does "look the picture of health" mean?
to be in good healthMy uncle looked the picture of health when I saw him last week.
in favor of
What does "in favor of" mean?
in agreement withThe members of the panel voted in favor of postponing the meeting.
facts of life
What does "facts of life" mean?
the facts about sex or marriage or birth that one should know The boy is too young to know about the facts of life.

What does "repo" mean?
repossessed item (usually an automobile)
go into (something) with one's eyes closed/shut
What does "go into (something) with one's eyes closed/shut" mean?
to do something or make a choice not knowing the problems that are involved and not having all the necessary informationThe young woman went into her marriage with her eyes closed but still the marriage was very successful.
in fine feather
What does "in fine feather" mean?
in good humorMy friend is in fine feather today and he has been laughing all morning.
out-of-pocket expenses
What does "out-of-pocket expenses" mean?
the direct expenses that one must personally pay for something My out-of-pocket expenses were very high during the business trip.

What does "gimp" mean?
person who limps; a crippled person


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