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One's Name Is Mud Idiom

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one's name is mud
What does one's name is mud mean?
a person`s reputation is badHis name is mud now that he has been charged by the police with stealing money from his company.

Some Random Idioms
come back (into fashion)
What does "come back (into fashion)" mean?
to become popular againRecently bell-bottom pants have come back into fashion.
let go with (something)
What does "let go with (something)" mean?
shout something outThe child let go with a loud scream when he saw the dog.
get a whiff of (something)
What does "get a whiff of (something)" mean?
to learn a little about something (almost by chance)Whenever the reporters get a whiff of a scandal they become excited and start asking questions.
speak for itself/themselves
What does "speak for itself/themselves" mean?
to not need explainingThe actions of the men speak for themselves and there is no point talking about it.
inside and out
What does "inside and out" mean?
in every part, completelyWe checked the room inside and out for my lost wallet.
throw oneself at/on the mercy of the court
What does "throw oneself at/on the mercy of the court" mean?
to plead for mercy from a judge in a courtroomThe man who robbed the bank decided to throw himself at the mercy of the court.
at death's door
What does "at death's door" mean?
to be near deathThe young woman was at death's door after the accident.
make eyes at (someone)
What does "make eyes at (someone)" mean?
flirt with someone, look at someone to try and attract themThe boy was making eyes at the girl in his history class.
never would have guessed
What does "never would have guessed" mean?
never would have thought something to be the caseI never would have guessed that the woman on the bicycle was one of the richest women in the city.
killed outright
What does "killed outright" mean?
killed immediatelyThe man was killed outright when the truck hit him on the street.
have a time
What does "have a time" mean?
have trouble, have a hard timeShe really had a time last night when her car stopped working.


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