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One's Lucky Stars Idiom

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one's lucky stars
What does one's lucky stars mean?
a certain star or planet which is thought to bring a person good luck and success in lifeYou can count your lucky stars that you don`t have to work on a rainy day like today.

Some Random Idioms
control the purse strings
What does "control the purse strings" mean?
to be in charge of the money in a business or a householdMy sister controls the purse strings in her family.
take the bull by the horns
What does "take the bull by the horns" mean?
to take decisive and direct action My aunt decided to take the bull by the horns and begin preparations for the family reunion.

check out (something) or check (something) out
What does "check out (something) or check (something) out" mean?
to investigate something, to examine something We went to the apartment building to check out the new apartment.

make an all-out effort
What does "make an all-out effort" mean?
make a big effortThe police made an all-out effort to discover who had robbed the three banks.
bring (someone) into line
What does "bring (someone) into line" mean?
to persuade or force someone to agree with you The woman was able to bring the disagreeing members of the committee into line.

cross-examine (someone)
What does "cross-examine (someone)" mean?
to question a suspect or a witness in a trial The lawyer was very careful when he began to cross-examine the witness.

grody to the max
What does "grody to the max" mean?
extremely repulsive or disgusting
for the record
What does "for the record" mean?
a record of a particular fact is madeFor the record I told the police officer about some of the events of the previous year.
something/words to that effect
What does "something/words to that effect" mean?
something like what was just saidThe apartment manager said that we could not bring a bicycle into the apartment lobby or something to that effect.
have (something) at one's fingertips
What does "have (something) at one's fingertips" mean?
to have something nearby and ready to use I usually have a dictionary at my fingertips when I am reading a book.

Whatever floats your boat
What does "Whatever floats your boat" mean?
When people say this, they mean that you should do whatever makes you happy.


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