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One's Flesh And Blood Idiom

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one's flesh and blood
What does one's flesh and blood mean?
a close relativeShe is my flesh and blood so I felt terrible when she got into trouble.

Some Random Idioms
Ship came in
What does "Ship came in" mean?
If your ship has come in, something very good has happened to you.
nothing down
What does "nothing down" mean?
to not require a down paymentThe young couple purchased the house with nothing down.
pot luck
What does "pot luck" mean?
meal in which each participant contributes food
What does "cruise" mean?
drive around in search of friends or fun
out of whack
What does "out of whack" mean?
to be crazy/silly, to be out of adjustment or orderMy DVD player is out of whack and I can't use it at all.
What's done is done.
What does "What's done is done." mean?
something is final and in the pastWhat's done is done and now that he has quit his job he must find a new one.
find one's way
What does "find one's way" mean?
to discover the route to a place We were lost for over an hour but we finally found our way.

flea market
What does "flea market" mean?
a place where antiques or secondhand goods are soldWe went to a flea market last Saturday to try and buy some dishes.
crying need for (someone or something)
What does "crying need for (someone or something)" mean?
a desperate need for someone or somethingThere is a crying need for nurses in the local hospital.
armpit of (somewhere)
What does "armpit of (somewhere)" mean?
a place that is the ugliest or worst place in a particular areaThe small city is the armpit of the country and nobody wants to go there to work.
Take the rough with the smooth
What does "Take the rough with the smooth" mean?
People say that you have to take the rough with the smooth, meaning that you have to be prepared to accept the disadvantages as well of the advantages of something.
What does "hack" mean?
author or writer who creates material (often of low quality) to order. He's just a hack and can't really write well.


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