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On Time Idiom

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on time
What does on time mean?
at the scheduled time."It's getting late. You'd better hurry if you want toget to work on time."

Some Random Idioms
Fair shake of the whip
What does "Fair shake of the whip" mean?
If everybody has a fair shake of the whip, they all have equal opportunities to do something.
strike it rich
What does "strike it rich" mean?
to suddenly become rich or successfulHe struck it rich when he got a job at the computer company and was able to buy some stock very cheap.
take (something) at face value
What does "take (something) at face value" mean?
to take something that is said on its surfaceI took my friend's comments at face value.
catch some Z's
What does "catch some Z's" mean?
sleep; take a nap
take (someone) to task
What does "take (someone) to task" mean?
to scold someone for a fault or errorThe supervisor took me to task for arriving late for work.
eat one`s cake and have it too
What does "eat one`s cake and have it too" mean?
to use or spend something and still keep it, to have something both waysThe man refuses to give up anything and he always wants to eat his cake and have it too.
Give your eye teeth
What does "Give your eye teeth" mean?
If you really want something and would be prepared to sacrifice a lot to get it, you would give your eye teeth for it.
pay one's own way
What does "pay one's own way" mean?
to pay the costs for something by oneselfThe young man was forced to pay his own way during college.
have an ear out for (something)
What does "have an ear out for (something)" mean?
to listen carefully for somethingI have an ear out for any business opportunities that may appear.
have one's eyes glued to (something)
What does "have one's eyes glued to (something)" mean?
to watch something very carefully and not look away from itEverybody in the airport lobby had their eyes glued to the television screen.
On the never-never
What does "On the never-never" mean?
(UK) If you buy something on the never-never, you buy it on long-term credit.
make a silk purse out of a sow's ear
What does "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" mean?
to create something of value from something of no valueYou cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and there is no point in trying to teach the woman manners.
put (something) in mothballs
What does "put (something) in mothballs" mean?
to put something into storageThe old navy ship was put into mothballs by the government.



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