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On The Alert (for Someone Or Something) Idiom

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on the alert (for someone or something)
What does on the alert (for someone or something) mean?
to be watchful and attentive for someone or somethingThe police are on the alert for the man who robbed the small store.

Some Random Idioms
a one-night stand
What does "a one-night stand" mean?
an activity lasting one nightThe band played many one-night stands in the small towns close to the city.
ahead of one's time
What does "ahead of one's time" mean?
to have ideas or attitudes that are more advanced than those of othersThe ideas of the politician were very much ahead of his time.
What does "deadpan" mean?
an expressionless or emotionless faceMy friend had a deadpan expression when he told us the story.
What does "studhammer" mean?
male who is sexually successful with women
have had enough
What does "have had enough" mean?
have had as much as you need of somethingI have had enough sun today so I will go home soon.
Two-edged sword
What does "Two-edged sword" mean?
If someone uses an argument that could both help them and harm them, then they are using a two-edged sword sword; it cuts both ways.
What does "burger" mean?
hamburger. Gimme a burger, no fries.
get the eye from (someone)
What does "get the eye from (someone)" mean?
to be looked at by someone in a hostile/unfriendly wayWe got the eye from the manager of the restaurant when we entered in our old clothes.
as a matter of fact
What does "as a matter of fact" mean?
actuallyAs a matter of fact we have been to the history museum many times.
Take your breath away
What does "Take your breath away" mean?
If something takes your breath away, it astonishes or surprises you.
Fence sitter
What does "Fence sitter" mean?
Someone that try to support both side of an argument without committing to either is a fence sitter.


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