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On Standby Idiom

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on standby
What does on standby mean?
to be waiting for a seat/ticket to become available on a train/plane/busWe decided to fly to visit my parents on standby.

Some Random Idioms
down in the mouth
What does "down in the mouth" mean?
depressed and unhappyMy friend looked down in the mouth after he finished work yesterday.
pour cold water on (something)
What does "pour cold water on (something)" mean?
to discourage somethingMy boss poured cold water on my idea to change the time of our coffee breaks.
dressed to the nines/teeth
What does "dressed to the nines/teeth" mean?
to be dressed elegantlyThe movie stars were dressed to the nines during the awards ceremony.
run (something) into the ground
What does "run (something) into the ground" mean?
to use something more than is wanted or needed, to neglect somethingHe ran his car into the ground and had to buy another one.
see red
What does "see red" mean?
to become very angryMy friend saw red last night when I told him about the broken dishes.
stick (someone) with (something)
What does "stick (someone) with (something)" mean?
to leave someone with an unpleasant taskMy friend always sticks me with paying the bill when we go to a restaurant.
lay down one's life (for someone or something)
What does "lay down one's life (for someone or something)" mean?
sacrifice one's life for someone or somethingThe young man layed down his life trying to protect the property of his company.
throw (someone) a curve
What does "throw (someone) a curve" mean?
to confuse someone by doing something unexpected, to pitch a curve ball to someone in baseballThe lawyer threw the witness a curve with his very complex questions.
keep on an even keel
What does "keep on an even keel" mean?
remain cool and calmI was very busy with my job and school but I tried very hard to keep on an even keel and get everything done.
fuck you
What does "fuck you" mean?
imp. strong expression of anger directed at someone. Fuck you. I'm sick and tired of your shit.
in detail
What does "in detail" mean?
giving all the details, item by itemI told the police about the events in detail.
What does "re-up" mean?
reenlist. He re-upped? I thought he wanted out of the army.
run low on (something)
What does "run low on (something)" mean?
to near the end of a supply of somethingWe are running low on rice so I must buy some soon.



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