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On Schedule Idiom

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on schedule
What does on schedule mean?
to be at the expected or desired timeThe train arrived on schedule and we found our friend easily.

Some Random Idioms
What does "barbie" mean?
barbeque grill; grill. Let's fire up the barbie and grill some burgers.
leave (someone or something) behind
What does "leave (someone or something) behind" mean?
leave someone or something somewhereI left my coat behind in the restaurant.
eat dirt
What does "eat dirt" mean?
to act humble, to accept another person's insults or bad treatmentWe made the boy eat dirt after he accused us of lying.
Thick and fast
What does "Thick and fast" mean?
If things are happening thick and fast, they are happening so fast they seemed to be joined together.
a once-over
What does "a once-over" mean?
a quick look or examination of someone or somethingWe gave the rental car a once-over before we signed the contract.
Keep someone at arm's length
What does "Keep someone at arm's length" mean?
If you keep someone or something at arm's length, you keep a safe distance away from them.
Whet your appetite
What does "Whet your appetite" mean?
If something whets your appetite, it interests you and makes you want more of it.
get (something) out of (something)
What does "get (something) out of (something)" mean?
to get some kind of benefit from somethingMy mother does not understand why my aunt can get something out of going to an opera.
Go south
What does "Go south" mean?
If things go south, they get worse or go wrong.
make a scene
What does "make a scene" mean?
make a public display or disturbanceThe woman made a scene in the supermarket when she saw the liquid soap on the floor.
wolf in sheep`s clothing
What does "wolf in sheep`s clothing" mean?
a person who pretends to be good but is notHe is a wolf in sheep`s clothing and you should be very careful when you deal with him.
What does "shitty" mean?
lousy; poor quality; undesirable. What shitty weather. 2. That's such a shitty car, what with the dents and scracthes.
talk (something) over
What does "talk (something) over" mean?
to discuss somethingWe asked for some time during the meeting to talk over the new proposal.
Tall order
What does "Tall order" mean?
Something that is likely to be hard to achieve or fulfil is a tall order.



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