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On Purpose Idiom

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on purpose
What does on purpose mean?
intentionallyI think that the woman spilled her drink on purpose.

Some Random Idioms
What does "come" mean?
experience orgasm
commit (something) to memory
What does "commit (something) to memory" mean?
to memorize somethingThe new manager was able to quickly commit the names of his staff to memory.
within a whisker of (doing something)
What does "within a whisker of (doing something)" mean?
almost do somethingI came within a whisker of quitting my job but I decided to continue working there.
heart to heart
What does "heart to heart" mean?
candid, intimateOur conversation was heart to heart and we both felt very good afterwords.
serve notice on (someone)
What does "serve notice on (someone)" mean?
to announce something to someoneWe served notice on the apartment manager that we would leave the apartment at the end of the month.
not know one's own strength
What does "not know one's own strength" mean?
to not realize how destructive or harmful one's strength can beThe little boy does not know his own strength and does much damage when he plays.
keep one's feet (firmly) on the ground
What does "keep one's feet (firmly) on the ground" mean?
to remain firmly establishedThe man is trying hard to keep his feet firmly on the ground with his new job and new apartment.
What does "wedgy" mean?
pulling the underwear up tightly from behind
from hand to hand
What does "from hand to hand" mean?
from one person to another person and then to anotherWe passed the papers from hand to hand until they were all distributed.
raise a fuss
What does "raise a fuss" mean?
to make trouble, to cause a disturbanceThe woman at the restaurant raised a fuss when her meal arrived late.
keep time
What does "keep time" mean?
keep the beat, keep the same musical rhythmIt is difficult for the girl to keep time when she is playing in the band.
out from under (someone or something)
What does "out from under (someone or something)" mean?
to be free and clear of someone or somethingMy friend is out from under her critical older sister who has gone to live in a different city.



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