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On Par With (someone Or Something) Idiom

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on par with (someone or something)
What does on par with (someone or something) mean?
to be equal to someone or somethingThe new French restaurant is on par with the best restaurants in Paris.

Some Random Idioms
Answers on a postcard
What does "Answers on a postcard" mean?
This idiom can be used to suggest that the answer to something is very obvious or that the person would really like to hear what people think.
What does "prod" mean?
reminder; way to make somebody remember something
after hours
What does "after hours" mean?
after the regular closing or finishing time Our library has a place to return books after hours.

give it to (someone)
What does "give it to (someone)" mean?
to punish or scold someoneThe father gave it to his son when the boy came back late with the car.
do one`s bit/part
What does "do one`s bit/part" mean?
to share in a group project by contributing one`s time and effortOur teacher did his bit to help plan for the party.
what in the fucking hell
What does "what in the fucking hell" mean?
what? (used to indicate anger or surprise)
above average
What does "above average" mean?
better or higher than averageThe boy received above average marks in all subjects except history.
get off my ass
What does "get off my ass" mean?
stop it; leave me alone; let me be
in progress
What does "in progress" mean?
taking place at this timeThe meeting is now in progress so we can't enter the room.
tail between one`s legs
What does "tail between one`s legs" mean?
feeling ashamed or beatenThe salesman resigned from his company with his tail between his legs after he told a lie about his expense account.
dog in the manger
What does "dog in the manger" mean?
someone who prevents others from doing what he does not want them to do (from Aesops Fables)The girl was a dog in the manger when she cancelled the dinner because she could not attend.
bread and water
What does "bread and water" mean?
the most basic meal that is possible (like you would get in prison) The prisoners were fed bread and water for several days last winter.


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