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On One`s Shoulders Idiom

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on one`s shoulders
What does on one`s shoulders mean?
one`s responsibility"Please don`t try to put the failure of your business on my shoulders."

Some Random Idioms
café noir
What does "café noir" mean?
black coffee
fizzle out
What does "fizzle out" mean?
to fail after a good start, to end in failureThe party began to fizzle out at midnight when many people went home.
A lost ball in the high weeds
What does "A lost ball in the high weeds" mean?
A lost ball in the high weeds is someone who does not know what they are doing, where they are or how to do something.
circulate the agenda
What does "circulate the agenda" mean?
to distribute a list or other information about what will be discussed in a meeting We circulated the agenda for the meeting last week.

common property
What does "common property" mean?
real property owned by a group of tenants in a condominium or subdivision which everyone has the right to use, land that is owned by the government which everyone can useThe bicycles were common property and anyone in the apartment complex could use them.
Real deal
What does "Real deal" mean?
If something is the real deal, it is genuine and good.
bag of tricks
What does "bag of tricks" mean?
a collection of special techniques or methodsThe teacher has a bag of tricks to keep her students occupied.
brainstorm (something)
What does "brainstorm (something)" mean?
to try to develop an ideaThe club members gathered to try and brainstorm some ideas for a spring festival.
in the same breath
What does "in the same breath" mean?
almost at the same time My friend was complaining about her teacher but in the same breath she said that she will continue with the class.


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