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On One's Person Idiom

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on one's person
What does on one's person mean?
carried with oneThe criminal had a knife on his person when he was arrested.

Some Random Idioms
loaded for bear
What does "loaded for bear" mean?
very angry The man was loaded for bear when he went in to see the supervisor.

make one`s own way
What does "make one`s own way" mean?
rely on one`s own abilitiesHis father wants him to join the family business but he wants to make his own way and do something different.
get down to the nitty-gritty
What does "get down to the nitty-gritty" mean?
to get down to the basic facts The teacher called us into her office to get down to the nitty-gritty of what had happened earlier.

on the trail/track of (someone or something)
What does "on the trail/track of (someone or something)" mean?
to be seeking someone or somethingThe police dogs were on the trail of the man who had robbed the bank.
late in the day
What does "late in the day" mean?
far along in a project or activityWe received some new instructions for our marketing effort but it was a little late in the day to change our plans.
brush up on (something)
What does "brush up on (something)" mean?
to review something that one has already learned I am going to brush up on my English before my trip to New York.

rat out on (someone)
What does "rat out on (someone)" mean?
to desert or betray someone, to leave someone at a critical timeThe boy's friend ratted out on him and refused to support him in his fight with the neighborhood bully.
hole up (somewhere)
What does "hole up (somewhere)" mean?
hide somewhereI passed the weekend holed up in my bedroom with a good book.
a number of (things or people)
What does "a number of (things or people)" mean?
some things, some peopleA number of people complained about the food in the restaurant.
look down one`s nose at (someone)
What does "look down one`s nose at (someone)" mean?
to look at someone with contempt or dislike, to feel that you are better than someone else The girl often looks down her nose at people who she does not like.

on the blink
What does "on the blink" mean?
to be not workingMy stereo has been on the blink for many months.
What does "tokus" mean?
buttocks; posterior


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