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On One's Own Idiom

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on one's own
What does on one's own mean?
by oneselfThe young girl has been on her own since she finished high school.

Some Random Idioms
a left-handed compliment
What does "a left-handed compliment" mean?
an ambiguous compliment interpreted as offensiveHe gave her a left-handed compliment when he said that her dyed hair looked nice.
What does "veg" mean?
relax; take it easy; do very little
What does "ticket" mean?
license; driver's license. "Ticket to Ride" (song title).
What does "poop" mean?
feces; dung
give out
What does "give out" mean?
to be gone, to finishWe went camping for a week but our food gave out after only three days.
get one`s nose out of (something)
What does "get one`s nose out of (something)" mean?
to become uninvolved in something or in someone else's businessI wish that our secretary would get her nose out of my business.
no doubt
What does "no doubt" mean?
without doubt, surely, certainlyNo doubt he will be the one to win the contest again this year.
of late
What does "of late" mean?
latelyOf late there has been almost no rain in our city.
What does "specs" mean?
specifications; detailed information (usually about technology). Just give me the specs on the new system.
put a hold on (something)
What does "put a hold on (something)" mean?
to place a restriction on something to show that it is reserved/delayedI put a hold on several books at the library.
No sweat!
What does "No sweat!" mean?
No problem! No difficulty!It was no sweat for me to finish work early and then drive my friend to the airport.
What does "swipe" mean?
take something
show one's hand
What does "show one's hand" mean?
to reveal one's intentions to someoneI tried hard not to show my hand during the discussions about my new job.



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