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On One's Own Time Idiom

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on one's own time
What does on one's own time mean?
not while one is at workThe company told the employees that they must make their personal phone calls on their own time.

Some Random Idioms
cross (someone's) palm with silver
What does "cross (someone's) palm with silver" mean?
to give money to someone for a service We crossed the hotel clerk's palm with silver to get a good room.

apple of (someone`s) eye
What does "apple of (someone`s) eye" mean?
someone or something that one likes a lotThe little girl is the apple of her grandfather`s eye.
get along on (something)
What does "get along on (something)" mean?
to manage to survive or do well with something My friend is able to get along on very little money.
The young woman gets along on her good looks very well.

one man's meat is another man's poison
What does "one man's meat is another man's poison" mean?
what is good for one person may be bad or unsuitable for another personOne man's meat is another man's poison and while some people like to eat something, other people may hate the same thing.
to harp on (something)
What does "to harp on (something)" mean?
to talk repeatedly and tediously about somethingHe has been harping on his lack of money for several weeks now.
At your wits' end
What does "At your wits' end" mean?
If you are at your wits' end, you have no idea what to do next and are very frustrated.
hold one`s horses
What does "hold one`s horses" mean?
stop and wait patiently"Hold your horses for a minute while I return to get my wallet."
to heel
What does "to heel" mean?
to be under controlThe army brought the citizens to heel as soon as they entered the town.
squawk about (something)
What does "squawk about (something)" mean?
to complain about somethingPeople are always squawking about the bad service in that restaurant.
poetic justice
What does "poetic justice" mean?
the appropriate but chance reward or punishment by someone who deserves it It was poetic justice when the supervisor who was harassing the workers lost his job because the president did not want him to work for the company anymore.

get down to the facts
What does "get down to the facts" mean?
to begin to discuss things that matter, to get to the truth When the trial began the lawyers tried to get down to the facts of the case.

raise hell with (someone or something)
What does "raise hell with (someone or something)" mean?
to make trouble, to behave wildlyThe woman began to raise hell with her supervisor after she heard about the new policy.


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