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On One's Mind Idiom

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on one's mind
What does on one's mind mean?
currently being thought aboutThe incident at school was on my mind all week.
on one's mind
What does on one's mind mean?
occupying one's thoughts, currently being thought aboutRecently I have had many things on my mind.

Some Random Idioms
on the spot
What does "on the spot" mean?
to be in a difficult or embarrassing situationThe man was put on the spot when the reporter asked him about the money.
wing it
What does "wing it" mean?
to do the best in a situation that one is not prepared for I forgot to study so I had to wing it on the test.

Chicken Idioms

get the ax
What does "get the ax" mean?
to be firedThe man got the ax last week and now has no job.
above par
What does "above par" mean?
more than average, above normal, more than the face value of a bond/stock/currencyThe currency was selling above par at the small exchange shop.
get the brush-off
What does "get the brush-off" mean?
to be ignored or sent awayI got the brush-off when I asked the girl to dance.
in the groove
What does "in the groove" mean?
at one`s best, doing something very wellWe are finally in the groove and should be able to finish this job by early next week.
scale (something) down
What does "scale (something) down" mean?
to make something smaller by a certain amount or proportionThe government decided to scale down their plans for the sports stadium.
sit in for (someone)
What does "sit in for (someone)" mean?
to take someone else's place in some activityI asked my friend to sit in for me at my volunteer job at the community center.
Politically correct
What does "Politically correct" mean?
Things or people that are politically correct use language that will not cause offence.
heavy going
What does "heavy going" mean?
difficult to doMoving the furniture was heavy going and we became tired quickly.
be game
What does "be game" mean?
to be ready for action or agreeable to participate in somethingAll of the students were game to go to the science exhibition.
wipe (someone's) slate clean
What does "wipe (someone's) slate clean" mean?
erase someone's (bad) recordThe man had a bad performance record at work but he was able to wipe his slate clean and start over.


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