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On One's Coat Tails Idiom

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on one's coat-tails
What does on one's coat-tails mean?
as a result of someone else doing somethingThe mayor was elected on the coat-tails of his brother who is a famous actor.

Some Random Idioms
go through with (something)
What does "go through with (something)" mean?
to do something as planned or as agreed, to finish something We will go through with our plans to build the new product.

life is a bowl of cherries
What does "life is a bowl of cherries" mean?
only good things happen in lifeEver since my father retired from his job he has believed that life is a bowl of cherries.
beat (someone) to the punch
What does "beat (someone) to the punch" mean?
to do something before others do it My friend beat me to the punch and arrived at the interview first.

What does "schmuck" mean?
in dispute
What does "in dispute" mean?
something that is in disagreementMost parts of the agreement are not in dispute.
take the words out of (someone`s) mouth
What does "take the words out of (someone`s) mouth" mean?
to say something that someone else was going to sayThe man took the words out of my mouth when he answered the question.
turn on one`s heel
What does "turn on one`s heel" mean?
to turn around suddenlyThe dog suddenly turned on his heel and ran away.
shoot out (something)
What does "shoot out (something)" mean?
to stick or throw something outwardThe man shot out his foot from under the table and made his friend fall down.
Tight rein
What does "Tight rein" mean?
If things or people are kept on a tight rein, they are given very little freedom or controlled carefully.
What does "X-rated" mean?
If something is x-rated, it is not suitable for children.
all ears
What does "all ears" mean?
eager to hear something, very attentive My sister was all ears when I talked about starting a home business.

set out to (do something)
What does "set out to (do something)" mean?
to decide and begin to try to do something, to attempt to do somethingMy friend set out to learn Spanish when he went to Mexico.
First port of call
What does "First port of call" mean?
The first place you stop to do something is your first port of call.


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