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On One's Best Behavior Idiom

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on one's best behavior
What does on one's best behavior mean?
being as polite as possibleThe little boy was on his best behavior when he went to the meeting with his teacher.

Some Random Idioms
bad blood (between people)
What does "bad blood (between people)" mean?
unpleasant feelings between peopleThere was much bad blood between the three brothers.
make sense out of (someone or something)
What does "make sense out of (someone or something)" mean?
understand or interpret someone or somethingI tried very hard to make sense out of the terrible tragedy at the hotel.
lay down one's life (for someone or something)
What does "lay down one's life (for someone or something)" mean?
sacrifice one's life for someone or somethingThe young man layed down his life trying to protect the property of his company.
wolf down (something)
What does "wolf down (something)" mean?
to gulp down something, to eat something quicklyI wolfed down my dinner and left the house for the movie.
have a ball
What does "have a ball" mean?
have a good timeShe had a ball at the party last night.
hurl an insult (at someone)
What does "hurl an insult (at someone)" mean?
direct/make an insult to someoneThe young boys stopped to hurl an insult at the older boy.
wink at (something)
What does "wink at (something)" mean?
allow and pretend not to know about something (a law or rule being broken)The school librarian sometimes winks at the rule about borrowing a maximum of three books.
under one`s thumb
What does "under one`s thumb" mean?
to be obedient to someone, to be controlled by someoneThe woman has her husband under her thumb and she never gives him any freedom at all.
What does "OK" mean?
(3) in satisfactory condition; well.A: "You look awfully pale. Are you OK?"B: "Actually, I'm not. I have a terrible headache. "
What does "hoops" mean?
basketball (the game, not the ball itself)
take one's mind off (something)
What does "take one's mind off (something)" mean?
to stop from worrying or thinking about a problemI went to a movie to take my mind off my problems at work.
see (someone) to (somewhere)
What does "see (someone) to (somewhere)" mean?
to escort someone to a place safelyI saw my friend to the door when he decided to go home.



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