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On Location Idiom

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on location
What does on location mean?
a movie being filmed in a location away from the movie studioThe movie was filmed on location in the mountains.

Some Random Idioms
every last one
What does "every last one" mean?
every single oneEvery last one of the children received a certificate from the swimming club.
lose one's grip
What does "lose one's grip" mean?
lose a secure grasp or hold of somethingThe rock climber lost his grip and fell off the side of the cliff.
What does "BA" mean?
Bachelor of Arts - from a university Bachelor of Arts - from a universityMy brother has received a BA in economics from his university.
as gaudy as a butterfly
What does "as gaudy as a butterfly" mean?
gaudy, colorfulThe woman was as gaudy as a butterfly when she left for the concert.
tough it out
What does "tough it out" mean?
to endure a difficult situationI want to quit my job but for now I plan to tough it out.
Queue jumping
What does "Queue jumping" mean?
Someone who goes to the front of a queue instead of waiting is jumping the queue.
take down (something)
What does "take down (something)" mean?
to write or record something that is said at a meeting/lecture/discussionI took down many notes during the lecture last week.
Run something into the ground
What does "Run something into the ground" mean?
If people run something into the ground, they treat or manage it so badly that they ruin it.
What does "bitch" mean?
complaint; gripe. What's your bitch now?
turn out
What does "turn out" mean?
to be found or known, to prove to be trueIt turned out that more people came to the party than we expected.
grit one's teeth
What does "grit one's teeth" mean?
to grind one's teeth together in anger and determination and reluctanceI grit my teeth and phoned my father to ask if I could borrow some money.
Let sleeping dogs lie.
What does "Let sleeping dogs lie." mean?
Don't cause problems by doing something when it isn't necessary. "I know that what Julie said made you angry, butlet sleeping dogs lie. If you say or do anything, you'll only make things worse."
hit the bricks
What does "hit the bricks" mean?
begin walking



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