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On Impulse Idiom

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on impulse
What does on impulse mean?
something that is done without planningI bought the DVD player on impulse.
on impulse
What does on impulse mean?
done without planning I bought the new DVD on impulse.

Some Random Idioms
duty bound (to do something)
What does "duty bound (to do something)" mean?
to be forced by duty or honor to do something I was duty bound to talk to my friend about the money that I had lost.

horse of a different color
What does "horse of a different color" mean?
something totally separate and different I know that our boss would like to discuss that issue now but it is a horse of a different color and we should discuss it at another time.

as red as a lobster
What does "as red as a lobster" mean?
very red The girl was as red as a lobster after sitting in the sun all day.

get it all together
What does "get it all together" mean?
to be in full control of oneselfMy friend got it all together and applied for the job at the supermarket.
What does "stern" mean?
buttocks; posterior
fall upon/on (someone or something)
What does "fall upon/on (someone or something)" mean?
to attack someone or something The wolves fell upon the deer and quickly killed it.

have one's nose in a book
What does "have one's nose in a book" mean?
to be reading a bookThe girl had her nose in a book during the long journey.
What does "heavy" mean?
bad guy; antagonist; villain
toing and froing (on something)
What does "toing and froing (on something)" mean?
to be moving back and forth on an issue, to be changing one's mind about somethingMy father and mother have been toing and froing for several weeks about whether or not I can go to Japan to study.
blow to smithereens
What does "blow to smithereens" mean?
to explode into tiny pieces The gas tanker was blown to smithereens during the accident.


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