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On Ice Idiom

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on ice
What does on ice mean?
to be away for safekeeping or later use, to be postponedThe city have put the plans for the new stadium on ice while they try to raise more money.

Some Random Idioms
tell (someone) to his or her face
What does "tell (someone) to his or her face" mean?
to tell something to someone directlyI plan to tell my friend to his face about the problems that he has caused.
a kick-off
What does "a kick-off" mean?
a startThe kick-off for the no smoking campaign will start next week.
(in) high gear
What does "(in) high gear" mean?
at top speed, full activityThe preparations for his visit have been in high gear all week.
a lost cause
What does "a lost cause" mean?
a hopeless matterTrying to change the work habits of our secretary is a lost cause. She will never change.
guest of honor
What does "guest of honor" mean?
the special person for whom a party or ceremony is heldMy father was the guest of honor at the company banquet.
land in one's lap
What does "land in one's lap" mean?
additional work comes to you and you now have to deal with itSeveral resignations from our company landed in the lap of the personnel director last Friday.
take the roll
What does "take the roll" mean?
call the names of students in an attendance book and expect them to answer if they are thereThe teacher took the roll and then we started the lesson.
free and clear
What does "free and clear" mean?
without owing any moneyThe couple finally owned their house free and clear.
hammer away at (someone or something)
What does "hammer away at (someone or something)" mean?
be persistent in trying to do somethingI worked all weekend to hammer away at my final essay for university.
lose one`s shirt
What does "lose one`s shirt" mean?
to lose all or most of one`s moneyThe man lost his shirt gambling and now he is in serious financial difficulty.
come on!
What does "come on!" mean?
please, hurry, go faster"Come on, I only have a few minutes before I must go."
risk one's neck (to do something)
What does "risk one's neck (to do something)" mean?
risk harm in order to do somethingThe fireman risked his neck to save the young child.
in deep water
What does "in deep water" mean?
in a serious situation, in troubleThe boy is in deep water because of his problems at school.



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