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On Good Terms With (someone) Idiom

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on good terms with (someone)
What does on good terms with (someone) mean?
to be friendly with someoneWe have always been on good terms with our neighbors.

Some Random Idioms
get (someone or something) out of one's mind/head
What does "get (someone or something) out of one's mind/head" mean?
to forget about someone or something It took me several months to get my old girlfriend out of my mind.

go to bed with the chickens
What does "go to bed with the chickens" mean?
to go to bed as the sun is setting, to go to bed very earlyMy grandfather always goes to bed with the chickens because he works on a farm.
Life and limb
What does "Life and limb" mean?
When people risk life and limb, they could be killed or suffer serious injuries.
What does "chivvy" mean?
repeatedly tell somebody to do something
as thick as pea soup
What does "as thick as pea soup" mean?
very thick (can be used with fog as well as with liquids) The fog was as thick as pea soup along the beach.

the living end
What does "the living end" mean?
great, fantastic, the ultimateMy sister said that her new boyfriend was the living end.
talk until one is blue in the face
What does "talk until one is blue in the face" mean?
to talk until one is exhaustedI talked until I was blue in the face but still my supervisor would not let me take a day off from work.
When it rains, it pours
What does "When it rains, it pours" mean?
This idiom means that when things go wrong, a lot of things go wrong at the same time.
deaf and dumb
What does "deaf and dumb" mean?
unable to hear or speak The young man is deaf and dumb and he has trouble understanding what is happening around him.

get out of hand
What does "get out of hand" mean?
to become difficult or impossible to control The party got out of hand and the school authorities told everyone to go home.


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