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on edge
What does on edge mean?
to be nervous or irritableHe has been on edge lately because of his exams.
on edge
What does on edge mean?
nervous or irritable The boy is on edge because of his exams.

Some Random Idioms
at one time
What does "at one time" mean?
at a time in the pastAt one time the man had no money but now he is very rich.
leave (someone or something) in (someone's) hands
What does "leave (someone or something) in (someone's) hands" mean?
to give someone control of someone or somethingI plan to leave the party organizing in my friend's hands.
barge in on (someone or something)
What does "barge in on (someone or something)" mean?
to interrupt someone or something, to intrude on someone or somethingMy sister often barges in on me when I am with my friends.
What does "pissed" mean?
upset; angry
eat out
What does "eat out" mean?
to eat a meal in a restaurant My aunt and uncle eat out often at nice restaurants.

piss off
What does "piss off" mean?
go away; drop dead (used to reject something or as a retort)
What does "cushy" mean?
easy; soft; pleasant
have a chip on one's shoulder
What does "have a chip on one's shoulder" mean?
seem to want to start a conflictOur neighbor has a chip on his shoulder and is always trying to start a fight.


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