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On Approval Idiom

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on approval
What does on approval mean?
to buy something with the right to return itWe carefuly looked at the chair which we had bought on approval.

Some Random Idioms
to stand trial
What does "to stand trial" mean?
to be tried in courtThe man had to stand trial for stealing the credit cards.
in the balance
What does "in the balance" mean?
in an undecided stateThe decision to buy a car or not was in the balance as we tried to borrow some money from the bank.
have a lot going (for one)
What does "have a lot going (for one)" mean?
have many things working to one's benefitThe woman has a lot going for her and should do well at her job.
on the blink
What does "on the blink" mean?
to be not workingMy stereo has been on the blink for many months.
salt away (money)
What does "salt away (money)" mean?
to save moneyMy uncle salted away thousands of dollars before he died.
What does "gut" mean?
abdomen; belly; intestines
(not) have anything to do with someone
What does "(not) have anything to do with someone" mean?
(not) want to be a friend/work/do business with someoneMy father will not have anything to do with the salesman because he sold him the faulty car.
force (someone`s) hand
What does "force (someone`s) hand" mean?
to make someone do something sooner than plannedI forced the manager's hand and made him tell me about his plans for our company.
for the life of (someone)
What does "for the life of (someone)" mean?
even if one's life were threatened (used with a negative and usually used when trying to remember something)For the life of me I could not remember where I had put my house keys.
give one's eye teeth (to do something)
What does "give one's eye teeth (to do something)" mean?
to want to do something very muchThe little boy would give his eye teeth to have a little puppy.
to horse around
What does "to horse around" mean?
to play around, to join in rough teasingThe children were horsing around in the school yard when the bell rang for class.
a long face
What does "a long face" mean?
a sad or disappointed lookThe man had a long face after he was fired from his job.
see double
What does "see double" mean?
to see two of everything instead of oneI began to see double after I hit my head on the edge of the fence.



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