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On And On Idiom

This database is a comprehensive collection of all the American idioms and slang available. American Idioms are many and varied. We hope you enjoy our collection. We are adding more all the time. .

on and on
What does on and on mean?
continually, at tedious lengthThe speech continued on and on until we finally left the meeting.

Some Random Idioms
hold a grudge against (someone)
What does "hold a grudge against (someone)" mean?
not forgive someone for somethingHe has been holding a grudge against the company manager for many years.
foxy lady
What does "foxy lady" mean?
sexy woman
in a spot
What does "in a spot" mean?
in some trouble, in an embarrassing or difficult positionShe is in a spot right now as she was unable to enter university and also has no job.
a bull in a china shop
What does "a bull in a china shop" mean?
a tactless person who upsets others or upsets plans, a very clumsy personThe boy is like a bull in a china shop so you should be careful if you invite him to your house.
con artist
What does "con artist" mean?
swindler; someone who deceives people out of money
sooner or later
What does "sooner or later" mean?
eventually. "You've been working too hard for too long. If youdon't relax a little, sooner or later you're going to get sick."
not miss much
What does "not miss much" mean?
to not miss observing any part of what is going onOur teacher does not miss much and we must be very careful how we behave in her class.
What does "bugger" mean?
cause serious trouble or harm to somebody
What does "hood" mean?
neighborhood; immediate area where one lives
What does "bad-mouth" mean?
say unkind, unflattering, embarrassing (and probably untrue) things about someone.A: "I don't believe what Bob said. Why is hebad-mouthing me?"B: "He's probably jealous of your success."
What does "turtle" mean?
Kevlar helmet
out of step
What does "out of step" mean?
to be out of harmonyHe is out of step with the rest of the group and needs to think about what he should be doing.
wake the dead
What does "wake the dead" mean?
be very loud and able to wake even those who have diedOur neighbors told us that our stereo was so loud that it would wake the dead.



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