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On And Off Idiom

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on and off
What does on and off mean?
intermittently, now and thenIt has been raining on and off since early this morning.

Some Random Idioms
make a mountain out of a molehill
What does "make a mountain out of a molehill" mean?
to make something that is unimportant seem importantYou are making a mountain out of a molehill when you talk about the mistake.
be all ears
What does "be all ears" mean?
be eager to hear what someone has to say.A: "I just got an e-mail message from our old friendSally."B: "Tell me what she said. I'm all ears!"
have an eye for (something)
What does "have an eye for (something)" mean?
have good taste in something, be able to judge correctlyShe has an eye for nice furniture and her apartment is absolutely beautiful.
hang back
What does "hang back" mean?
stay some distance behind or away, hesitate or be unwilling to do somethingHe lacks self-confidence and always hangs back when his boss asks for volunteers.
Avowed intent
What does "Avowed intent" mean?
If someone makes a solemn or serious promise publicly to attempt to reach a certain goal, this is their avowed intent.
catch you later
What does "catch you later" mean?
good-bye for now; see you soon
a new deal
What does "a new deal" mean?
a complete change, a fresh start, another chanceThe player was given a new deal by the team although the previous year he had not played well.
go belly up
What does "go belly up" mean?
fail; perform poorly
scream one's head off
What does "scream one's head off" mean?
to scream a lot and for a long timeThe girl screamed her head off after the accident.
on faith
What does "on faith" mean?
without question or proofI took it on faith that my friend would help me when I had extra work to do.
make the most of (something)
What does "make the most of (something)" mean?
use something to one's greatest advantageHe made the most of his time in Europe and visited many art galleries.
whole enchilada
What does "whole enchilada" mean?
everything, all of somethingI decided to buy the whole enchilada when I looked at the set of dishes and kitchen goods.
build a fire under (someone)
What does "build a fire under (someone)" mean?
to stimulate someone to do somethingWe keep trying to build a fire under our friend but he refuses to study or look for a job.



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