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On An Even Keel Idiom

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on an even keel
What does on an even keel mean?
to be in a well-ordered situation/conditionWe got the new department running on an even keel before we took some time off.
on an even keel
What does on an even keel mean?
calm and not likely to change suddenly, in a steady and well-balanced situation (the keel is the bottom of a boat or ship and when the boat is on an even keel it is balanced) The new department was running on an even keel soon after it opened.

Some Random Idioms
Scent blood
What does "Scent blood" mean?
If you can scent blood, you feel that a rival is having difficulties and you are going to beat them.
a hang-up
What does "a hang-up" mean?
a delay in some processThere was a hang-up in the construction of the office tower because of the fire.
What does "snap" mean?
make eyes at (someone)
What does "make eyes at (someone)" mean?
flirt with someone, look at someone to try and attract themThe boy was making eyes at the girl in his history class.
bottom line
What does "bottom line" mean?
the result or final outcome of something, the last figure on a financial statementAlthough I do not want to buy a new car, the bottom line is that I need a car for work.
a pain in the neck/ass
What does "a pain in the neck/ass" mean?
an annoying/bothersome thing or personDealing with my neighbor is always a pain in the neck.
next of kin
What does "next of kin" mean?
one's closest living relative or relativesThe police notified the dead woman's next of kin after the accident.
one's goose is cooked
What does "one's goose is cooked" mean?
one has been discovered to have done something wrong and he or she is now in troubleMy goose is cooked. Soon my friend will discover that I lost her bicycle.
fair-weather friend
What does "fair-weather friend" mean?
a person who is a friend only during good timesHe is a fair-weather friend and you cannot rely on him if you have a problem.
go without (something)
What does "go without (something)" mean?
to manage to survive or do well without somethingWe had to go without water for two days in our apartment.


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