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On All Fours Idiom

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on all fours
What does on all fours mean?
to be on one's hands and kneesI was down on all fours as I looked for my grandmother's hearing aide.

Some Random Idioms
at death's door
What does "at death's door" mean?
to be near deathThe young woman was at death's door after the accident.
Down at heel
What does "Down at heel" mean?
Someone who is down at heel is short of money. ('Down in heel' is used in American English)
What does "balls" mean?
What does "box" mean?
computer; desktop computer. How many boxes do we have in storage now? Do any work?
go down on one's knees/on bended knee
What does "go down on one's knees/on bended knee" mean?
to show a lot of emotion when you are asking someone for somethingI was forced to go down on my knees and ask my supervisor for some free time from work.
back out (of something)
What does "back out (of something)" mean?
to get out of an agreement, to fail to keep a promiseThe property developer backed out of the plan to build the new city hall.
What does "VP" mean?
Vice-President Vice-PresidentAfter serving faithfully as vice-president for many years my father was appointed to the position of company president.
Hot as blue blazes
What does "Hot as blue blazes" mean?
If something's as hot as blue blazes, it's extremely hot.
count (someone) in
What does "count (someone) in" mean?
to include someone in somethingI know that my friends will count me in if they go to the zoo.
face value (of something)
What does "face value (of something)" mean?
the official value or worth of somethingAlthough the face value of the postage stamp was very low it sold at the auction for much money.
drop a hint
What does "drop a hint" mean?
to casually make a hint or suggestion about somethingThe clerk dropped a hint that he wanted to transfer to the new department.
live within one's means
What does "live within one's means" mean?
spend no more money than one hasThe young couple work hard to live within their means and they always have lots of money to spend.
slow and steady wins the race
What does "slow and steady wins the race" mean?
being patient and determined will lead you to success being patient and determined will lead you to successSlow and steady wins the race and the man was successful because of his hard work and patient determination.
word up
What does "word up" mean?
right; true; right on



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