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On Again, Off Again Idiom

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on again, off again
What does on again, off again mean?
to be unsettled/changeable/uncertainThe plans for the fireworks display were on again, off again because of the rainy and windy weather.

Some Random Idioms
Zip it
What does "Zip it" mean?
This is used to tell someone to be quiet.
Thin end of the wedge
What does "Thin end of the wedge" mean?
The thin end of the wedge is something small and seemingly unimportant that will lead to something much bigger and more serious.
(not to be) sneezed at
What does "(not to be) sneezed at" mean?
(not) to be worth having, (not) to be considered unimportant (used in the negative or interrogative)The new stereo system is not to be sneezed at.
What does "scrub" mean?
cancel; halt; stop
What does "dog" mean?
pursue; stalk; track (someone). Stop dogging me. Leave alone.
take the day off
What does "take the day off" mean?
to choose not to go to work for one dayI decided to take the day off because I was not feeling well.
get a feel for (something)
What does "get a feel for (something)" mean?
to become accustomed to something and learn how it works, to learn how to do something I am beginning to get a feel for my new job.

hit the hay
What does "hit the hay" mean?
go to bedI decided to hit the hay early last night because I was very tired.
sell (someone) a bill of goods
What does "sell (someone) a bill of goods" mean?
to deceive someone, to get someone to believe something that is not trueI believe that the salesman sold me a bill of goods and the product does not have much value.
as mad as a hornet
What does "as mad as a hornet" mean?
very angry, in a fighting mood Our boss was as mad as a hornet when he came to work this morning.

nothing to write home about
What does "nothing to write home about" mean?
nothing exciting or interesting happened"Did anything interesting happen during your holiday."
What does "wussy" mean?
weak, fearful person
ugly duckling
What does "ugly duckling" mean?
an ugly or plain child (who grows up to be pretty) The girl was an ugly duckling when she was a child but now she is very beautiful.


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