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On A Fool's Errand Idiom

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on a fool's errand
What does on a fool's errand mean?
to be involved in a useless journey or taskI was on a fool's errand as I looked for a store that sold international road maps.

Some Random Idioms
down with (an illness)
What does "down with (an illness)" mean?
to be ill, to be sick at homeMy sister was down with a cold so she could not go out for a few days.
What does "spaced" mean?
giddy; flakey; silly; befuddled
set back (someone or something)
What does "set back (someone or something)" mean?
to cause someone or something to get behind schedule, to slow down someone or somethingThe flood set back the efforts of the farmers to plant their crops.
work into (something)
What does "work into (something)" mean?
force into something little by littleHe was able to work his foot into his boot but it was still very tight.
What does "chief" mean?
unofficial form of address for any Warrant Officer (CW-2 to CW-5 in the U.S. Army)
You what?
What does "You what?" mean?
This is a very colloquial way of expressing surprise or disbelief at something you have heard. It can also be used to ask someone to say something again.
What does "WIA" mean?
wounded in action
no joke
What does "no joke" mean?
a serious matterThe mistake with the meeting time was no joke. It caused many of us very serious problems.
holy mackerel
What does "holy mackerel" mean?
used to express strong feelings of astonishment, pleasure or anger"Holy mackerel," cried the little boy when he saw the new bicycle that he got for his birthday present.
play politics
What does "play politics" mean?
to negotiate politically, to allow politics to control a situation where principle should prevailThe government leaders were playing politics with the issue of changing the tax rate.


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