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On A First Name Basis (with Someone) Idiom

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on a first-name basis (with someone)
What does on a first-name basis (with someone) mean?
to be good friends with someoneI am not on a first-name basis with my neighbor.

Some Random Idioms
Thrilled to bits
What does "Thrilled to bits" mean?
If you are thrilled to bits, you are extremely pleased or excited about something.
What does "piss-poor" mean?
very low quality or capability
if worst comes to worst
What does "if worst comes to worst" mean?
if the worst possible thing happensIf worst comes to worst we can cancel our holiday and go next year.
sweep out of (somewhere)
What does "sweep out of (somewhere)" mean?
to leave somewhere in a dramatic wayThe actress swept out of the room after her performance was over.
count one`s chickens before they`re hatched
What does "count one`s chickens before they`re hatched" mean?
to depend or think that you will get something before you actually have it"Don`t count your chickens before they`re hatched. Remember that you may not get the job that you expect and you should not spend too much money."
cheek by jowl
What does "cheek by jowl" mean?
side by side, in close intimacy The fans entered the stadium cheek by jowl.

from hand to hand
What does "from hand to hand" mean?
from one person to another person and then to another We passed the papers from hand to hand until they were all distributed.

Talk the hind legs off a donkey
What does "Talk the hind legs off a donkey" mean?
A person who is excessively or extremely talkative can talk the hind legs off a donkey.
pay the piper
What does "pay the piper" mean?
to face the results of one's actions, to receive punishment for somethingI was forced to pay the piper when I realized that I had been late with my university essay.
live down (something)
What does "live down (something)" mean?
remove blame or distrust by good conduct, cause something to be forgiven by not repeating itOur supervisor is trying to live down his reputation of being a hard person to work for.


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