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On (someone Or Something's) Last Legs Idiom

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on (someone or something's) last legs
What does on (someone or something's) last legs mean?
to be almost worn out or finishedMy computer is on its last legs and soon I will have to buy another one.

Some Random Idioms
clear (someone's) name
What does "clear (someone's) name" mean?
to prove that someone is not guilty of something The man tried very hard to clear his name regarding his past criminal activity.

zonk out
What does "zonk out" mean?
fall asleep very quicklyAs soon as I got home last night I immediately zonked out.
touch/hit/strike a raw nerve
What does "touch/hit/strike a raw nerve" mean?
upset someone by talking about a subject that upsets or embarrasses themThe criticism from the supervisor touched a raw nerve in the woman at our office.
too rich for (someone's) blood
What does "too rich for (someone's) blood" mean?
to be too expensive for someone's budget The holiday in the expensive resort was too rich for our blood so we did not go.

Bone Idioms

What does "nigger" mean?
Black person (offensive when used by non-Blacks, but acceptable among Blacks). When Chris Rock says "nigger", it's all right, but if Donald Trump said it, it'd be offensive.
follow one's heart
What does "follow one's heart" mean?
to act according to one's feelings The boy will follow his heart and study art rather than computer science.

What does "zonk" mean?
fatigue or tire somebodyYou're really starting to zonk me, man! Leave me alone!
on the take
What does "on the take" mean?
to be accepting bribesThe agent at the border crossing seems to be on the take.
chase rainbows
What does "chase rainbows" mean?
to try to get or achieve something that is difficult or impossible My old school friend is always chasing rainbows and he never achieves anything.

come on strong
What does "come on strong" mean?
to overwhelm others with very strong language or personalityThe salesman came on strong at the meeting and angered the other members of the team.


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