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On (someone's) Shoulders Idiom

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on (someone's) shoulders
What does on (someone's) shoulders mean?
on someone's own self (used often with responsibility)The responsibility for organizing the office is always on my shoulders.
on (someone's) shoulders
What does on (someone's) shoulders mean?
someone's responsibilityI don't want to have the failure of the project on my shoulders.

Some Random Idioms
lost and gone forever
What does "lost and gone forever" mean?
permanently lostMy father's pocket knife is lost and gone forever and we will probably never see it again.
What does "snorting" mean?
using inhalants
draw blood
What does "draw blood" mean?
to make a wound that bleeds, to anger someone The politician was very careful not to draw blood during the debate.

chicken out
What does "chicken out" mean?
avoid something due to fear. He chickened out at the last minute and didn't take the bet.
let the cat out of the bag
What does "let the cat out of the bag" mean?
reveal a secret"Don`t let the cat out of the bag about the surprise party for our boss."
wimp out
What does "wimp out" mean?
cease or stop due to fear or anxiety
force (someone) to the wall
What does "force (someone) to the wall" mean?
to push someone to an extreme positionWe were forced to the wall during the negotiations for the new contract.
on the strength of (something)
What does "on the strength of (something)" mean?
due to something such as a promise or evidenceOn the strength of my high test score I was admitted to the university that I wanted.
Not worth a tinker's dam
What does "Not worth a tinker's dam" mean?
This means that something is worthless and dates back to when someone would travel around the countryside repairing things such as a kitchen pot with a hole in it. He was called a 'tinker'. His dam was used to stop the flow of soldering material being used to close the hole. Of course his 'trade' is pass´┐Ż, thus his dam is worth nothing.
stew in one`s own juice
What does "stew in one`s own juice" mean?
to suffer from something that you yourself have caused to happenThe man is the one who caused the problem for himself and he is now being forced to stew in his own juice.


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