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On (someone's) Say So Idiom

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on (someone's) say-so
What does on (someone's) say-so mean?
with someone's permission or authorityI was able to ask for a new stove on the apartment manager's say-so.

Some Random Idioms
clear out (of somewhere)
What does "clear out (of somewhere)" mean?
to leave, to get out (usually quickly or abruptly)We cleared out of the building as soon as our class was over.
What does "stupid-ass" mean?
dumb; stupid; idiotic
What does "skinhead" mean?
person with a shaven or bald head
come out of left field
What does "come out of left field" mean?
to come from an unexpected placeThe manager's new idea came out of left field and we have no idea what it means.
What does "kluge" mean?
sloppy or inefficient solution to a problem in computer hardware or software
take hold of (someone or something)
What does "take hold of (someone or something)" mean?
to get in control of someone or somethingSomething seemed to take hold of the man and he began to act very strange.
knocked up
What does "knocked up" mean?
take the rap for (someone or something)
What does "take the rap for (someone or something)" mean?
to receive punishment for something, to be accused and punished for something, to receive punishment in place of someone elseThe owner of the restaurant was forced to take the rap over permitting underage workers to work at night.
burst onto the scene
What does "burst onto the scene" mean?
to appear suddenly in some locationThe young singer burst onto the scene when she was a teenager.
lord it over (someone)
What does "lord it over (someone)" mean?
act as the superior and master of someone, be bossy over someoneShe likes to lord it over the other members of the staff since she became a supervisor.
Nice as pie
What does "Nice as pie" mean?
If a person is nice as pie, they are surprisingly very kind and friendly. "After our argument, she was nice as pie!"
from now on
What does "from now on" mean?
from this moment forwardFrom now on I will study Italian every day.
Bottoms up!
What does "Bottoms up!" mean?
everybody should drink now (this expression is used at the end of a drinking toast)"Bottoms up," our host said at the beginning of the dinner.



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