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On (someone's) Doorstep Idiom

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on (someone's) doorstep
What does on (someone's) doorstep mean?
in someone's care, as someone's responsibilityThe responsibility for feeding the extra staff suddenly arrived on my doorstep.

Some Random Idioms
What does "el-tee" mean?
second lieutenant
ill-gotten gains
What does "ill-gotten gains" mean?
money acquired in a dishonest or illegal mannerThe ill-gotten gains of the politician were the subject of a large government inquiry.
call it a day
What does "call it a day" mean?
stop work for the day."It's late and you've accomplished a lot. Why don'tyou call it a day?"
no end of/to (something)
What does "no end of/to (something)" mean?
seeming almost endless, very many/much of somethingHe had no end of problems when he lived overseas for a year.
sweep (someone) off his or her feet
What does "sweep (someone) off his or her feet" mean?
to overcome someone with strong feelingsWe were both swept off our feet by the excitement of the ceremony.
What does "honkie" mean?
white (Caucasian)
Walk in the park
What does "Walk in the park" mean?
An undertaking that is easy is a walk in the park. The opposite is also true - "no walk in the park".
What's new?
What does "What's new?" mean?
What have you been doing?"What's new?", I asked my friend after I hadn't seen him for three months.
rat out on (someone)
What does "rat out on (someone)" mean?
to desert or betray someone, to leave someone at a critical timeThe boy's friend ratted out on him and refused to support him in his fight with the neighborhood bully.
What does "broke" mean?
without money.A: "Can you lend me 10 dollars?"B: "I'm afraid not. I'm broke."
What does "wad" mean?
bankroll; handful of money
break into a cold sweat (about something)
What does "break into a cold sweat (about something)" mean?
become nervous or frightened about somethingI broke into a cold sweat when I went to tell my teacher what I had done wrong.



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